40 years

Through his career, which started in 1971 and culminated in leading Tetractys Arquitectos Architectural Office, which he founded in May, 1991, Antonio Barreiros Ferreira has been working on several fields which relate to Urban Design, Architecture, Preservation, Conservation and Interior Architecture, and carried out Urban Equipments, Culture and Communication, Offices and Retail, Tourism and Recreation, Residential, Industry, Rural and Agricultural, Livestock and Forestal designs, namely:

Collective and Open Urban Equipments
Urban Transport and Intermodal Structures and Equipments
Mixed-use and Multipurpose Constructions
Exhibit and Congress Fairs and Showrooms
Auditoriums and Performance Halls
School and Rehabilitation Centers
Clinical Centers
Religious Centers
Banking Agencies Institutions
Stores and Shopping Centers
Amusement, Recreation and Game Centers
Sport Facilities and Golf-courts
Hotels, Houses and Tourism Apartments
Multifamily Apartments and Private Houses
Production and Transformation Industry Installations
Agricultural, Livestock and Florestal Installations
Urban Solid Wastemanagement Central

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