Antonio Barreiros Ferreira

Antonio Barreiros Ferreira | Tetractys Arquitectos

Born in Lisbon on September 26, 1952
attended the Art Training Course at the National Society of Fine Arts (SNBA), 1969
the Urban and Regional Studies Training Course at the Institute for Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), 1975
finished his six years graduation degree on Architecture at Lisbon's School of Fine Arts, 1977
and was a grantee by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation from 1971 to 1976

He was granted the title Grand Officer of the Order of Merit, honoured by His Excellency   
the President of the Portuguese Republic on July 9, 1999

He has been teaching Architecture Practice since 1978
at Lisbon's School of Fine Arts until 1983
at Lisbon's Technical University (UTL), Architecture School until 1993
and as Visiting Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (UTL) since 1998
cooperating in forming the Instituto Superior Técnico's new Architecture Bachelor-Degree curriculum in 1998
becoming professor in charge of the disciplines Architectural Design I, II and III of the new Bachelor-Degree until 2006
professor in charge of Architectural Design IV and V of IST Architecture's Master Program since 2006
and IST's Architecture Joint Master vice-coordinator since 2008

Since the early stages of his academic training he has worked in several architecture offices. In 1970 he cooperated with Júlio Sottomayor Neuparth, from 1970 to 1971 at the GPA with Maurício de Vasconcellos and Bartolomeu Costa Cabral and between 1971 and 1984 at Ateliers Associados 1 e 2 with António Nunes de Almeida, Manuel Sheppard da Cruz, Arsénio Raposo Cordeiro, Luís Jorge Bruno Soares and João Miguel Pinto Teixeira.

He was Chief of Staff at Raposo Cordeiro Lda from 1984 to 1991.

In 1991 founded TETRACTYS Arquitectos Architecture Office,        
where he has been developing his designs.

Antonio Barreiros Ferreira | Tetractys Arquitectos